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Transfer to a History of Art BA now or

I'm a student at a famous art university going into my second year, but I don't really like the course or the school. I feel like I'm not being challenged enough and I've barely learnt anything so far. Many of my peers are disappointed as well and quite a few decided to leave the course. Though the university itself is respected in the field of art, my course is not a proper, traditional History of Art course, just something kinda similar, rather 'mickey mouse' that I feel like employers won't value as much (I'm interested in the field of art sales, auctions, commercial galleries). If I decide to finish this course, I'd definitely do a proper History of Art MA after. However, I currently have the option to restart my BA on a more traditional History of Art course taught jointly by UCL and SOAS. I'm kinda convinced that I would find it more engaging and challenging but I'm discouraged by the fact that it'd take me 3 more years to finish it and I'd be first year again. I think there is a substantial chance of me just getting tired of endless BAs and London halfway and would walk away with no degree. I'm wondering if finishing my current course and then doing a proper masters would ultimately get me the same places like switching courses now, or if I should take a chance. I have to decide very very soon, in a matter of days but I just can't and I'm stuck in analysis paralysis.
People with experience in art sales, commercial galleries and auction houses: what do you think would be more useful career-wise? I'd like to give myself the best chance but I wouldn't necessarily restart my BA if it wouldn't help me much.