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papers/books on Greek ring vases?

Hi! I hope this is alright to post since it's a topic of person interest and not for school (if not, apologies!). Since quarantine started I've been learning how to throw pottery and learning more about the history of ceramics along the way. Recently I've stumbled upon this interesting form in Greek pottery around the Late Corinthian and Geometric period but I'm struggling to find any books/resources that talk about it in any detail. Can anyone point me towards more resources?

I've read some of Coldstream's Knossos Pottery Handbook and Roes' Greek geometric art: its symbolism and its origin, which were fascinating but didn't mention this form in particular. These writings led me to think the ring shape is possibly a solar symbol, since the wheel is a common decoration that refers to sun deities on other forms, but obviously this is a theory pulled from much more general information.