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Painting comparison of Pierre Bonnard

Hi everyone,

For my course I'm writing a comparison of one of Bonnards painting to some other artist. For me, it's important to compare it to someone who is kind of similar when it comes to idea/ motive etc but nevertheless provides a basis for distinction.
As far as I have done my research, Bonnard was an artist who drew the everyday moment out of memory as a connection between feeling, dreams etc. . Bright colours that always should give a positive vibe. That's why he was not quite an impressionist, because they tried to catch the moment by watching the scenery carefully.
So my question is, would it make sense to compare his art to an impressionist (because similar base but different workways…), expressionist (because the difference is the huge abstraction, colour as feeling etc.) or someone who painted in realism (because also everyday life but less colourful…).
I would be grateful if someone could give me their input, dont need to mention an artist or anything just an idea :p
Thxx in advance