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How to start your own art show in your city

You may have visited other cities while on trips and noticed that each town has their own local art show. Often these art shows have local artists displaying their works, but often, a lot of the work on display are from traveling artists. So if you happen to live in a town that does not have an art show and you are thinking of planning on starting one in your own city here are some things you should do.

First, you want to make sure there aren’t any art shows being held in your city to begin with. It’s very hard to compete with shows that have been established for a while. Next, research and see what kind of art scene the city already provides. For example, are there are galleries in your city? And if so, what kind of art do they sell? Is it pop art? Is it contemporary art? Is it an abstract art? From there, you can get a better idea of what type of local artists are in the area to start your show with.

The third thing you want to do at this point is start reaching out to local businesses and see if they are willing to sponsor your art show. Check in with restaurants and see if they want to be a sponsor to help fund some of the art festival expenses, retail stores too. It’s a win/win situation. They get publicity and you get the funding you need to run the show.

Once you have enough sponsorships your best bet is to go and approach the city and see what areas you can launch your art show in and what dates are the best on season for tourists. For example, you may want to have an art show in one of your local parks. Or, you may want to have an art show on the streets of a busy restaurant area in your city. Sometimes city recreation centers or even churches can be venues for your art show festivals. When planning the show dates, make sure it’s the right time. Don’t plan shows so close to holidays like Christmas when you know most people will be out of town or won’t have the extra money to buy art.

Once you have established all this and have gotten the city’s permission along with sponsors, you can now advertise your art show to artists by either reaching out to local artists and also by placing ads online for local artists for your art show. To supplement the fees and costs of city permits and other expenses, you can charge the artist application fees and daily exhibition fees to cover expenses. Make sure you have all the proper clearances with the city in regards to artist booths and tents along with valid vendor licenses. 

Another way to bring in more money to your art show is to offer live music which will pull crowds in and create a great ambiance. Another important thing to include is to have food booths to keep your visitors well fed and also keep them within the grounds of your show without them having to leave for a bite to eat. Wine tastings are also a fun niche incorporation to this idea.

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