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How much is Keith Haring art work worth, maybe 3.7 million?

How much is art by Keith Haring worth?

Keith Haring started out painting in the subways in New York City. One day, as he came up on to the subway platform in New York’s Time Square subway platform, he saw an ad covered by a soft black sheet of paper. 

He immediately went back up into Time Square, went to a local art store and bought white chalk. From then on Keith Haring knew to draw his now world renowned artistic characters all over the walls in the New York subway. 

From starting off as giving away his art for free to New York City residents (he literally drew his art on the paper covering the ads and left it there, hoping nobody would take it, but noticing people did to keep for themselves).

Keith Haring started to garner a lot of media attention in a relatively fast amount of time. He became friends with Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat, which further fueled the fire of success for Keith Haring. As he began doing shows, he started selling art for reasonable prices. But once he got with art gallery owner Tony Shafrazi, he was advised to raise the prices of his art. 

Currently artwork by Keith Haring sells from anything in the high six figures to millions of dollars. Simple drawings that he would make for fans that consist of a character or two wit his signature (usually card stock sizes) usually range around the $20,000 mark, based on authentication of course. The Keith Haring Foundation no longer authenticates artwork by Keith Haring anymore, so you will have to have it authenticated by an artistic forensic to ensure its authenticity. The most expensive Keith Haring painting was sold at Sotheby’s New York in November 2014 for $3,077,000.

Sales like that, in the multi million amounts, is a sure fire way to know that art work by Haring will be increasing more and more in value. In fact, there are a lot of artists that started off selling pieces of original artwork next to nothing and their art worth gained lots of value in no time.