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Have we become slaves to technology?

No we still have not.

Human sensory perceptions and inferences are far too advanced. What the previous generation calls as human touch is very different from what current generation calls it. It’s still human touch.

We cannot live without electricity but that does not mean human touch is lost. But that statement underestimates the importance of the invention of electricity. It’s a necessary part of human life. It has made lives better. Then comes this huge self righteous talks about how ancient people had better lives without rhyme or rationale.

We will truly become “slaves” of technology when machines take over the world and start ruling us – a sneak peek of which we have seen in The Matrix and other such flicks.

There is this huge judgment on social media and higher gods of the Internet looking down upon lower beings of the Internet. Technology is seen as synonymous with smart phones.

Though it is true that most people who own smart phones want to see the world through its camera, the basis of the desire is human experience.Humans want their experience to be recorded, shared, relived and retrospected. When technology aids that, it seems as though we have fallen prey to it, but if there were a way the brain is able to telepathically whatsapp or Facebook it’s experience to a bunch of common minds, we would have done it already.

At the basis of every habit or phenomenon which changes human dynamics, there is always alternate thought. Technology has a long way to go to completely seep into our lives. The goal is to get machines to do mundane activities and let humans focus on better things. For eg, it is highly possible that your refrigerator will automatically sense what items need to be ordered from the grocery store and get it for you. But going to the grocery store is a human experience which is now discounted. People meet each other in a grocery store. It will then be interesting to watch what new experiences humans will substitute that time for, or did they just miss the love of their life by not visiting these social hubs or will technology aid them to find a perfect match? These things are yet to happen and it will be interesting to watch the change in human dynamics.

Facebook and all social media platforms are bringing people together today. There is this self righteous judgment on them today but at the heart of it they have helped people connect, and reflect a collective resonation of brain vomit. Today social media and latching on to a smart phone is purely a human choice – not a necessity. More and more humans are making that choice. It is far more easier to click a button and support digital India than go to an underprivileged village in India and fund/setup a free wifi zone there. But at the same time collective brain vomit tells us about what’s trending in human minds today – no doubt.

I come across people who want to have zero connect with their profile on the Internet. They aren’t there on Linked In, on Facebook, on Twitter. Nowhere. But the big question is are they missing out? The truth is yes. More people have started realising this truth and have now made an attempt to start a small profile in some corner. It’s amusing and astounding at the same time.

We are heading towards a direction where our day to day survival will be in the hands of machines. A machine will drive us to work. A machine will order our food. A machine will tell us what to do with life. We aren’t there yet. We don’t know if we will be and its too soon to tell if it’s good or bad. It is not easy to make a slave out of the human brain.

That said we must with immediate effect stop judgment of people with smart phones and posting food pics in social media. They are equally living their life as someone who doesn’t. Life experience is very relative.

Just like how we moved on with electricity being part of our lives, we will we able to adapt to technology playing a major part in our lives. We will adapt and move on.