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Looking for a very special painting (or equivalent)

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a genre painting representing the interior of a museum or gallery or a connoisseurs collection (can't remember) where lots of nude paintings (almost all of the paintings showed) are exposed on the wall.

Something like Francken, Teniers, Haecht, Robert, Morse's works but that doesn't seem to be theirs.
I would rather say 'in a museum' but I'm not sure. Would say XVII century.

Any help welcome. Thanks mates 🙂

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Transfer to a History of Art BA now or

I'm a student at a famous art university going into my second year, but I don't really like the course or the school. I feel like I'm not being challenged enough and I've barely learnt anything so far. Many of my peers are disappointed as well and quite a few decided to leave the course. Though the university itself is respected in the field of art, my course is not a proper, traditional History of Art course, just something kinda similar, rather 'mickey mouse' that I feel like employers won't value as much (I'm interested in the field of art sales, auctions, commercial galleries). If I decide to finish this course, I'd definitely do a proper History of Art MA after. However, I currently have the option to restart my BA on a more traditional History of Art course taught jointly by UCL and SOAS. I'm kinda convinced that I would find it more engaging and challenging but I'm discouraged by the fact that it'd take me 3 more years to finish it and I'd be first year again. I think there is a substantial chance of me just getting tired of endless BAs and London halfway and would walk away with no degree. I'm wondering if finishing my current course and then doing a proper masters would ultimately get me the same places like switching courses now, or if I should take a chance. I have to decide very very soon, in a matter of days but I just can't and I'm stuck in analysis paralysis.
People with experience in art sales, commercial galleries and auction houses: what do you think would be more useful career-wise? I'd like to give myself the best chance but I wouldn't necessarily restart my BA if it wouldn't help me much.