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[Art]ifacts through history

Hello historians and art enthusiasts, can someone please help me figure this out?

So, I'm writing a book, it's fiction. In the book we have an object (imaginary ofc) but in the book's world (which is the same as ours) it exists, it's a ring that existed in the times of the ancient Greeks and through time it went through Italy and then ended up in England, buried inside a church. I was wondering if anyone has traced an object through history, how did you do it? Since the characters are trying to trace it and trying to figure out how it ended up in England, I was wondering if anyone has done a similar type of research so I can do the exact thing but in reverse, should I just go about and search books of the different time periods and prominent people of the eras and mention them some way or another, I'm trying to make it real and believable.

Would love to hear any opinion. Thank you for reading this!