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Grammy Art, Miami Art Basel and so much more to name for artist Alex Vera

Opening soon in areas like Sanford, Florida, and Longwood, Florida which are located outside of the metropolitan Orlando area is a unique art gallery by the world renown artist Alex Vera. Alex Vera is known for his bright colorful pop art paintings that are very inspired by Florida and it’s bright color through imagery by nature, buildings, and the people’s vibrant cultures.

Alex Vera is a listed artist and has his worked featured in the Albin Polasek Museum in Winter Park, Florida and also has a permanent wall pained in Miami’s Wynwood Walls district. Opening soon in the Sanford, Florida and Longwood, Florida areas, specifically the downtown areas, his art will be on display around Fall 2020. His cubism pop art is well loved all across the world.

Vera made his first start in the art scene during Miami’s Art Basel in 2011, where he sold out all of his collection at the time. He has also showcased his art during Miami’s sleepless night exhibitions, along for the Miami Film, Recording and Enterainment council hosted by superstar singer, the material girl herself, Madonna’s brother Christopher Cicconne.

Alex Vera also created the awards ceremony Painting which was auction off for more than $8000 to support the Film and Recording council of Miami, Florida. Alex appeared onstage with Gloria Estefan and presented her a self portrait which she said, “will be hanging right over my bed forever.”

Alex Vera is also a Disney licensed artist working for Disney parks and many of his artworks and paintings can be found in Disney galleries in the Magic Kingdom Orlando, Epcot Orlando, and Disney Springs Orlando. His creative deal with Disney art studios has allowed wonderfully beautiful original Disney artwork. As Mickey is his favorite character, this venture is quite rewarding for Vera. Alex Vera has also worked with Lawrence Gartel, Andy Warhols protégé and collaborator back in the 1980s (he’s famously known for teaching and painting Debbie Harry of the music group Blondie on the Amiga computer).

Alex Vera worked with him most recently in 2015. Gartel also designed and painted the Grammys for the 2012 Grammy awards where all the celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and other superstars in the music industry attended and have received their beautifully painted Grammy award. Alex Vera is currently working on a new array of artwork and series that will be released very soon. Even in the time of the COVID-19 (coronavirus), Alex Vera continues to paint in order to bring happiness to the world, that is very much in need of it right now. We will be posting his new artwork, new blogs, and new videos shortly right here.